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The Rock is a causal contemporary church that values authenticity. We meet at West Acres Cinema at 10 am each Sunday. This is the Personal blog of Pastor Scott J Kruse.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To Take A Stand - Abortion

I really enjoyed our Rock Talk last Sunday, “Energy the Power of Excellence Part 4 Spiritual” We looked at Dietrich Bonhoeffer and how, because of his true understanding of “costly grace," was able to stand against the German Lutheran Nazi-church and his country.  He was very loyal to both his Lutheran church and his country, which made it personally difficult.  As I was preparing the talk, I saw on the news that ND is working to have the strictest abortion laws in the country.  

I think the Church should stay out of politics for the most part. I do not think you can say for sure what economic system God thinks is best. (I do tend to think he agrees with me, however, jk).  I do not think that it is my place to tell people who to vote for. It is my place though, to be a voice for, as Bonhoeffer said, "those who can not speak out for themselves”.

There are a number of ways to look at this issue.

  1. There is no God therefore there is nothing wrong with killing someone weaker than yourself for the sake of convenience. For instance, if that baby has a future of down's syndrome, a physical handicap, the wrong sex, or would be just more hassle than the mother and father want to deal with, no harm is done.
  2. Imagine a reality in which we, not God, decide when someone is alive. According to Scripture, God knew us in the womb. Our ability to convince ourselves of a lie to make ourselves feel better is tragic.
  3. If you believe the Bible's claim that God views unborn children as people, then you have to look at the horror that abortion really is.

If you have had, or have paid for an abortion, I hope you get to experience the love and forgiveness of a God who longs to know and heal you. We are all broken and desperately in need of God to make us right.

After studying Bonhoeffer I was compelled because during World War II, 6 million Jews were tragically murdered. Since abortion was legalized in the US, 56 million lives have been lost. 56 million more people would be in our country today than what are here now. There are 313 million people living in the United States. We have disposed of 15% of our entire population. Almost 2 out of every 10 people, gone.

The Church should stay out of politics, but needs to be God’s voice on this earth. It is the Church's job to stand up for those who can not.

If there was a candidate whom I passionately disagreed with in terms of foreign policy, economics and free trade, but would take a stand for the 15% of Americans who are silent victims of convenience, I like to think I would vote against my self-interest and vote for that person, regardless of party.

If you believe the Bible, which says God knew you in the womb, and that murder is a sin, you should be proud of ND and be praying that this silent, legal, genocide stops.

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